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April 2023


Minneapolis Institute of Art-MIA

This place is one of my favorites!  I usually go with my sister to the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  We look at the period rooms, ceramic pieces, statues, paintings, and various art forms all over the place.  I went once and my favorite exhibit was "The Tudor Room".  It had dark, wood furniture that reminded me of chocolate.  The wood had intricate filigree designs. (I'm not even sure I know what that word means) There was a real cool looking stained-glass window.  I also like the period harp that was displayed in another room.  Not sure you know this, but I love harps!  I always see something new when I go to MIA!


Penny and Her Sled by Kevin Henkes

The book Penny and Her Sled is a wonderful book about a little mouse, named Penny.  Penny would like it to snow so she can use her new sled.  Penny finds lots of things to do with her sled that don't need snow.  Mama is my favorite character because she reminds me of my Mom.  She is beautiful just like my Mama.  Sometimes it's fun to pull out winter toys in the summer and try to think of ways to have fun with them without having snow.  I like living in Minnesota because the weather here is always a surprise!  It's never boring.

March 2023


Books of Wonder-Bookstore in Manhattan, New York

At the bookstore, Books of Wonder, if you download the app "Crowdcast" you can virtually watch the events that they sponsor. Some are free and some you need to pay a fee to watch.  I have been lucky to find some awesome events to watch for free!  I love children's book, picture books and middle grade books the best.  I like listening to authors explain the process of how they write the books.  I saw a virtual event featuring Marc Brown the children's book author that wrote the "Arthur" books.  This is the same "Arthur" that was made into a television series.  Also, I saw Victoria Kann who wrote the "Pinkalicious" series.  Great Stuff!  So check this out at


Google Meets-Technology

I like using Google Meets better than using Zoom because Zoom you only get a 40 minute time window before they cut you off.  Sometimes, in my business my meetings are a lot longer.  I'm kind of a talker.  You need to download the app on your phone or tablet.  You can use your computer as well.  


Pineapple, Watermelon, Mango-Song

One of my new favorite songs that I just love is this one!  It is sung by Alina Celeste.  You can only find it on YouTube.  How did I find out about her?  I hunt around for good music and saw her at a live virtual library show.  I thought Alina Celeste was funny, great and super nice, too.  I went on the internet with the help of my hunting partner and found some videos on YouTube.  If you want to listen to this goofy, fun person go look her up!  I would recommend her for any age that wants to laugh! 


Microsoft Teams-Technology

I use Teams with my Book Club People.  It works well for us.  I really like it.  I like it much better than Google Meet.  You need a Microsoft account or you can use Teams as a guest.  The virtual meeting places I like in order are: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom.  Which virtual meeting place do you like best and why?

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