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January 2022


Montreal Confections-Cookie Show

I watch this show every Tuesday and Friday at Noon, CT on YouTube but you can find it on Facebook as well.  The whole show is about cookie decorating!  People watching can comment in real time by typing in the comment box.  Haniela and Marlyn are your hosts.  It's a show from Canada.  I love all the sugar and spice but also love reading what people write in the comment box.  I think all ages would enjoy watching the Cookie Decorating Show!


Echo Show 5-Technology

Recently I just received a new Alexa Echo Show-5.  It's really cool.  What I use it for is checking the weather for the day, checking my google calendar events and appointments.  I can listen to music, ask for the time, and play some fun games.  I had to set up my own account to use it.  It would like to have credit card information but I don't have one.  So that's kind of a down fall.  I can only play certain games.  I'm still learning more about it everyday.  It's been fun!   

February 2022


Books of Wonder-Bookstore in Manhattan, New York

At this bookstore if you  download the app "Crowdcast" you can watch the events that they sponsor at the bookstore.  Some are free and some you need to pay a fee to watch.  I have been lucky to find some awesome events to watch for free!  I love children's book authors so I watched an event featuring Marc Brown the children's book author that wrote the "Arthur" books that was made into a television series.  Also, I saw Victoria Kann who wrote the "Pinkalicious" series.  Great Stuff!  So check this out


Google Meets-Technology

I like using Google Meets better than using Zoom because Zoom you only get a 40 minute time window before they cut you off.  Sometimes, in my business my meetings are a lot longer.  I'm kind of a talker.  You need to download the app on your phone or tablet.  You can use your computer as well.  


Pineapple, Watermelon, Mango-Song

One of my new favorite songs that I just love is this one!  It is sung by Alina Celeste.  You can only find it on YouTube.  How did I find out about her?  I hunt around for good music and saw her at a live virtual Library Show.  I thought Alina Celeste was funny, great and super nice, too.  I went on the internet with the help of my hunting partner and found some videos on YouTube.  If you want to listen to this goofy, fun person go look her up!  I would recommend her for any age that wants to laugh! 


Microsoft Teams-Technology

I use Teams with my Book Club People.  It works well for us.  I really like it.  I like it much better than Google Meet.  You need a Microsoft account or you can use Teams as a guest.  The virtual meeting places I like in order are: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom.  Which virtual meeting place do you like best and why?

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