May 2021



Overall, I'm not going to lie, it was scary but full of magic.  My favorite part was the song "A Friend Like Me".  I think Aladdin will win an Oscar!  My least favorite part was when they got Jafar back in the lamp because it was very scary.

The movie theatre, Oakdale Marcus Theatre was very easy to get around!  It's very easy to sign up for their reward program.  All you need to do is tell the clerk you want to sign up or you can do it online.  I would recommend to sign up for the rewards program in person so you can make sure they have the right information.  I would recommend going to Marcus Theatres on Tuesdays because they have $5 movies and $5 popcorn on those days if you have a rewards membership card.  If you have questions just call Marcus Theatres.  The phone number is on

their website 



I went to Star Studio in Minneapolis at The Children's Hospital to see my friend Nirmala play the veena.  (Look up the veena so you can see the instrument)  My favorite part was when she played a song I requested.  It's very easy to get around in the hospital.  I enjoyed getting to see everyone at The Star Studio.  The Dude is so nuts.  

April 2021



This app cloudLibrary lets you enter your library card information and gives you access to ebooks, movies, and music right on your iPad or mobile device.  The app is very user friendly and it can be used by kids, teens and adults.  It is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon Fire, Nook, Chrome and Mac iOS.  My favorite part about the app is that when the weather outside is too cold or too hot to go anywhere, you can still get a new book without leaving your house.  It's free to download.  I recommend downloading it today.


Mary Poppins Returns-Movie

I saw the movie Mary Poppins Returns.  The movie was very magical.  My favorite part was when Mary Poppins flies in to visit the Banks Children.  I would recommend checking out the movie on Blu-Ray.  It was released in March of 2019.  It's very kid friendly and the music was great!


Half Price Books-Store

I love this store!  The prices are awesome!  I purchased a Magic Tree House book.  Half Price Books is very handicapped accessible.  There's a ton of books in this store.  I would recommend going to this place for all ages.  I enjoyed being around other bookworms but the kid area was a little loud.


Audiobooks Pro-App

I really like the app because you can get Audiobooks for free and there are many great titles to pick from. One of my favorite Audiobooks I recently downloaded is Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.  This app offers many genres of books including childrens, music, faiytales, and many more!  My favorite genre is adventure.  I like the app because I enjoy that I can listen to the book out loud.  I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a good story.

March 2021



This is a live action movie.  I wanted to see this movie because it is directed by Tim Burton, who is one of my 

favorite directors.  After seeing this version of Dumbo, I realized I like the original movie more.  One thing I didn't like were the actors cast in this version.  Although Dumbo was a cute little elephant, the movie was just too long for me.  One thing I did enjoy were the circus costumes,  they were magical!  I wouldn't personally recommend this version of the story, but some young kids might still enjoy this production.



The Haunted Hamburger-Book by David Larochelle

This is a series of spooky scary (they're actually funny) stories told by a family of ghosts.  This book is special to me because it was a gift for my birthday, FROM DAVID, himself!  My favorite story is the Scary Baby story because the ghost ends up being used as a diaper.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is searching for some funny, SPOOKY stories to read at night.  This book, along with all of his other books, is available to be bought at bookstores, Barnes and Noble, apple Books, Amazon and through David's website:




Matilda- Musical Performance at Children's Theatre Company

This is my favorite theatre company!  I enjoyed this play because my friend, Reed Sigmund and his wife Autumn were in the production.  This musical is about a young mischievous girl who has awful parents.  My favorite song is called Naughty!  I also really enjoyed the costumes worn in this play because they were just like the movie.  I would recommend this play to families with young kids.  If you like the story of Matilda, there is also a book and movie.  The movie is directed by Danny Devito, who also plays Matilda's dad.



Laura MacKenzie-Musician

Laura plays many different Irish instruments like the bagpipes, flutes and concertina.  Laura studied Celtic music in Ireland.  She now woks with COMPAS, which is a nonprofit organization that will bring music into schools, libraries and communities.  She is in multiple bands but my favorite is Willow Brae.  This is my favorite because there is a harp in it.  I would recommend listening to Laura for all ages!