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January 2024


Book Author-Dan Gutman

Dan Gutman is my favorite middle grade book author.  He writes the My Weird School Series and the My Weirdest School Series.  The book titles of the series rhyme.  One of my favorites is Dr. Snow Has Got to Go! In my personal collection, I have many of Dan's books and I am lucky enough to have them signed by Dan!  He writes such enjoyable books and the pictures are so funny.  The pictures are by Jim Paillot.  Dan's favorite book author is Gary Paulson.  Gary Paulson is also a favorite of mine as well.  I think everyone should give a look into reading a Dan Gutman book.  If you want more information about Dan Gutman here's his website.


The Children's Music Network-CMN

The Children's Music Network is a nonprofit organization that I just love!  I am a member and try to support the people involved in this organization because they are helping kids stay happy with music.  Please take a look at their website and get involved!

February 2024


Books of Wonder-Bookstore in Manhattan, New York

This place is my weekend get-a-way.  Only thing is I'm in Minnesota and they are located in New York.  At the bookstore, Books of Wonder, if you download the app "Crowdcast" you can virtually watch the events that they sponsor. Some are free and some you need to pay a fee to watch.  I have been lucky to find some awesome events to watch for free!  I love children's books, picture books and middle grade books the best.  I like listening to new and famous authors explain the process of how they write their books.  Some of my virtual experiences I have been able to participate in have included Dan Gutman, Julie Andrews, and Buffy St. Marie to name a few.  You sometimes get a chance for texting some questions and answers back.  One very exciting time I saw a virtual event featuring Marc Brown the children's book author that wrote the "Arthur" books.  This is the same "Arthur" that was made into a television series.  Also, I saw Victoria Kann who wrote the "Pinkalicious" series.  Great Stuff!  So check this out at


Google Meets-Technology

I like using Google Meets better than using Zoom because Zoom you only get a 40 minute time window before they cut you off.  Sometimes, in my business my meetings are a lot longer.  I'm kind of a talker.  You need to download the app on your phone or tablet.  You can use your computer as well.  


Piggyback Ride-Song

One of my favorite songs that I just love is this one, Piggyback Ride! It is sung by Laurie Berkner.  This is a happy song!  You can find it most anywhere.  Laurie Berkner is such a super nice person.  She's the real deal!  I know 'cause I've met her a few times in person and I've talked to her a bunch on zoom!  Here's Laurie's website information.


Microsoft Teams-Technology

I use Teams with my Book Club People.  It works well for us.  I really like it.  I like it much better than Google Meet.  You need a Microsoft account or you can use Teams as a guest.  The virtual meeting places I like in order are: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom.  Which virtual meeting place do you like best and why?

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