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I'm Writing a Book!

My friend and I are writing this fantastic book about my life! It's been a lot of work so far. It takes a lot of time to write a book and to get it just right! Keith and I have been working hard pulling it all together.

Nancy Carlson, the wonderful Minnesota children's book author gave me the idea to write this book. She said, "Joe, you should write a book about your life!" I said, "Good idea!" Nancy helped Keith and I in the beginning process of the book. (It's really hard to know where to start.)

The book consists of lots of stories. Some are funny and some are not so funny. Keith and I laughed at times while writing this book. We think it has some funny parts. I think you will enjoy reading it. There are a lot of pictures, too! The illustrations are super cool. Some of the illustrations are funny to look at. The illustrator's name is Kris. He did a wonderful job.

We are getting so close to finishing this book! We are getting so excited! I will be having a book launch at the White Bear Center for the Arts and you are all invited! I will let you know when that event will take place. Until then, check my website out every once in awhile. Thanks!

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