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Your Entertainment Correspondent

Hello everyone!  I'm Joe and I'm 33 years old.  I live in Hinckley, Minnesota.  Hinckley is about 90 minutes north of Minneapolis.  I moved from the big city to live in the country. 


I am enjoying the country life and all the wildlife around me.  I do sometimes miss the bustle of the city but I visit, often.  We have a farm dog now.  His name is Buddy and he is my great friend.  We also have a rooster that my mom calls, Elvis.  He thinks he is "all that" to the chickens we have.  We have a bunch of chickens that lay eggs and that is really cool, too.


Since the pandemic, life has slowed me down a little.  I'm still very careful with my health. I go to events just not as many as in the past.  I'm good at finding virtual events online and enjoy those events so much.

I absolutely love the arts and reading books.  I love everything from music to movies to museums.  I especially love to go see live theatre.  I also have gotten really good at finding lots of free virtual events to watch.  This website was created so I can review for you, in person events and help you access some virtual events that I enjoy.

Contacting Me

If you have questions or comments, please email me at:
   Thank you for visiting my site-JOE BURSCH
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